Roastmaster - more info

A versatile tool for the master roaster to develop roast profiles. Fully automated, safe and easy to use roaster for the shop
attendent to produce repeatable consistent high quality roasts.

  • Capacity: Up to 2,5 kg green coffee per batch. Hourly production is dependent on roast profile..
  • Dimensions: x 700 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)
  • Air system: Side channel blower. Electric heater. Separate cooling fan.
  • Roast Chamber: Borosilicate glass. Equipped with programmable water spray.
  • Power Supply: 00V 16A 3P or 200V 50A 1P
  • Controls: PLC with touch screen. Sensors for measuring supply air, and bean temperature.

Roast Quality: As well as ensuring repeatability and consistent results by controlling the inlet air temperature, the actual
bean temperature and the blower speed in combination with the use of high quality materials and heavy-duty industrial
components. The transperant roast chamber is well lit and allows you to see and hear the roast progress

Productivity: Is ensured by using a high capacity industrial heater and an optimized air system. The bean receiver has a
separate cooling fan, enabling you to start a new roast in the roast chamber while the beans cool in the receiver. The
roast chamber and the air system are designed to be quickly and easily disassembled / assembled for cleaning.

Ease of Use: is ensured by having a quick load lock for filling the beans, a simple user friendly interface with intuitive
interlocks to prevent that something is forgotten, an ergonomically designed bean receiver and an easy to empty chaff

Safety: Is ensured by having stainless steel wraps covering the hot parts of the air system, by having safety interlocks,
emergency stop and a water spray for fire prevention.

Durability: Is ensured by workmanship, choice of industrial heavy-duty components and materials as well as a long
experience in design and manufacturing of industrial manufacturing systems. All areas in direct contact with the beans
are made of glass and stainless steel. The chassis is of a welded box frame design with

Environmentally Friendly Operation: Is ensured by having a highly efficient cyclone that separates the chaff from the
exhaust air and by collecting the chaff in a sealed container. The exhaust air is connected to the building exhaust to
allow you to run dark roasts. If an external exhaust fan is required it will be powered from the back of the roaster to
ensure it’s only running while a roast is in prtogress. The roaster is designed to be quiet and vibration free.

Design: Is an important element of a shop roaster. As an option you can incorporate your artwork into the stainless
steel wraps and the user interface and choose your own Pantone color code.

Spare Parts: will be needed at some point. We supply a consumable kit with the roaster containing seals and gaskets.
We also have an extended spare part kit with an extra roast chamber, temperature sensors etc. that can be purchased
separately. Other main components like heater, blower, PLC are standard industrial components. You can buy them
from us or from your local representative of those brands. We have no hidden article numbers that prevents you from
making your own choice.

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